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Welcome to Meriden, CT
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City Council Meeting
Monday, December 16 at 6:31 PM
Room 206, Council Chambers, 142 East Main Street, Meriden, CT.
Agenda for City Council Meeting of December 16, 2013.


1.      Res. Honoring Hector Cardona, Sr. on his retirement.  Adopt.

2.      Res. re:  Transfer of 86 Lewis Avenue and 92 Lewis Avenue to NeighborWorks.  Economic   Development, Housing & Zoning, Planning Commission.

3.      Res. re:  Transfer of 48 Arch Parkway to NeighborWorks.  Economic Development, Housing &        Zoning, Planning Commission.


4.      Memorandum from Mayor Santos appointment of Bob Williams, Jr. as Deputy Mayor. File.

5.      Memorandum from Mayor Santos recommending appointment of Robert Kosienski, Jr. as       Constituent Caseworker.  Adopt.

6.      Planning Commission Report re: Disposal of 12-1/2 Prescott Street and their recommendation to   DENY.  Filed.

7.      Planning Commission Report re:  Disposal of 125 Grove Street and their recommendation to        APPROVE.  Filed.

8.      Planning Commission Report re:  Abandonment of a portion of Foster Street and their     recommendation to TABLE.  Filed.

9.      Planning Commission Report re:  Amendment to City Code re:  Community Buildings and their       recommendation to TABLE.  Filed.

10.     Planning Commission Report re: 177 State Street and their recommendation to purchase. Filed.

11.     Planning Commission Report re:  86-92 Lewis Avenue and their recommendation to sell.  Filed.


12.     Fred Miglietta, Sr., 53 Sherman Avenue, Meriden, CT.  Legal and Safety & Risk.

Committee Reports.

13.     Public Works and Parks & Recreation.
14.     Finance.
15.     Economic Development, Housing & Zoning.  None.
16.     Public Safety.  None.
17.     Human Services.  None.
18.     Committee of the Whole.  None.

Reports from Boards and Commissions. (FILED WITH CITY CLERK).

19.     Golf Course Commission Minutes of October 28, 2013.


Sean Moore of Greater Meriden Chamber of Commerce.


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