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Welcome to Meriden, CT
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                                                                CITY COUNCIL
                                                                REGULAR MEETING
                                                                DECEMBER 3, 2012


1.      FINANCE.  Res. re:  Upgrades to Broad Brook Water Treatment Facility and Pumping Station.

2.      FINANCE.  Res. re:  Filling vacancy for a Water Pollution Control Division Operator I due to transfer.

3.      ADOPTED.  Res. re:  Acquisition of 163 Gravel Street.

4.      LEGAL AND SAFETY & RISK.  Charles Howard, 339 Baldwin Avenue, Meriden, CT; Michael      Lombardi, 28 Spencer Hill Road, Killingworth, CT; Regina Dorfman, 85 Douglas Drive,             Meriden, CT; Catherine Wanat, 142 Thorpe Avenue, Meriden, CT; Roberto Rizza, 29 North Spring Street, Apt. 1, Meriden, CT; Thomas Ravizza, 62 Melville Avenue, South Meriden,    CT; Jessica Resch, 112 Columbus Avenue, Meriden, CT.

5A.     ADOPTED.  Finance Committee Report recommending ADOPTION of a resolution concerning a   vacancy for a Water Distribution Maintainer.

5B.     ADOPTED.  Finance Committee Report recommending ADOPTION of a resolution concerning filling vacancy for two Water Division Watershed Maintainers.

5C.     ADOPTED.  Finance Committee Report recommending ADOPTION of an appropriation not to exceed $850 be made from the Contingency Fund to support the December, February and         March activities for the Nerden Camp.

6.      NO REPORT.  Economic Development, Housing & Zoning.

7.      NO REPORT.  Public Works and Parks & Recreation.

8.      NO REPORT.  Human Services.

9.      NO REPORT.  Public Safety.

10.     NO REPORT.  Committee of the Whole.

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